Body Parts Workprint Composite

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Body Parts Workprint Composite Empty Body Parts Workprint Composite

Post by christhegeek517 on Sat May 12, 2018 9:06 pm

This is a composite of the Paramount DVD and the uncut workprint of Body Parts. This is created by bcountryjr. This version integrates 2 deleted scenes that have been excised to receive an R-rating. The workprint scenes have been taken from the director's YouTube channel.

The two deleted scenes are:

Bill looks at his arm after the crash and then watches a truck run over his arm. This scene plays at 11:22
Body Parts Workprint Composite Vlcsnap_2018_05_12_14h20m43s108

The surgeons perform the attachment of Bill's new arm. This scene plays at 17:03
Body Parts Workprint Composite Vlcsnap_2018_05_12_14h21m00s222

Pastebin link to original post (Not download link):


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