The Big Boss Extended Composite

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The Big Boss Extended Composite

Post by christhegeek517 on Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:48 pm

This is a composite between the US Shout Factory Blu-Ray, the US 20th Century FOX VHS and the 8MM uncut trailer from the UK Mediumrare DVD. This was created by The Workprint Collection. The audio is Cantonese but does have English subtitles. This version restores 2 shots from the VHS, adds in 3 shots from the 8MM trailer and adds one scene from an unknown source. One of the scene's has been sourced from YouTube.

The two shots from the VHS are:

Cheng Chao-An and his cousins are seen running to the factories. This shot plays at 23:39

Cheng Chao-An slowly rotates his boss. This shot plays 1:38:17

The three shots from the 8MM trailer are:

Hsu Chien head is bleeding from Hsiao Chiun. This shot plays at 34:54

Cheng Chao-An discovers the body of Chen Yu. This is sourced from a YouTube video. These two shots play at 1:18:23

The new scene is:

A flashback montage after Cheng Chao-An after he discovers the bodies of his remaining cousins. This scene plays at 1:23:07

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