Cabin Fever Screener Composite

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Cabin Fever Screener Composite

Post by christhegeek517 on Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:22 pm

This is a composite between the Lionsgate DVD and a bootleg Chinese VCD by TMD Moviez. This composite adds in some of the cut scenes that were screened in Toronto in 2002. The scenes have been filmed in a theater and are much lower quality compared to the DVD. There are no end credits. This composite cut also uses the screener footage from Paul waking up to the hospital to the end.

The group argues about where they are. This scene plays at 09:43

Burt continues to yell at Karen. This scene plays at 47:25

Paul tells the group that they need to smarten up. This scene plays at 51:57

The group is sleeping and the hermit reappears. This scene plays at 53:21

Paul drags the surviving redneck into the cellar and then thanks Burt's dead body. This scene plays at 1:11:35

Paul asks where Jeff is and the sheriff asks what happened. This scene plays at 1:18:23

There is a longer shot of the hospital corridor. This shot plays 1:19:35

There is a longer shot of Jeff walking towards the cabin. This shot plays at 1:22:42

The sheriffs kill the surviving redneck and burn the cellar. This scene plays at 1:26:50

There is a longer shot of the river. This shot plays at 1:27:36

There is some longer dialogue between the store owner and the sheriff about the incident. This dialogue plays at 1:28:20

There is a longer shot of the rednecks playing their music. This shot plays at 1:29:59

There is a longer shot of the rednecks playing their music, with more people buying the lemonade. This scene plays at 1:30:31

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